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Producing High Quality Photos for Your Website or Online Store
Taking good product photos for your website or online store can actually be very easy. This is the process I use to take high quality photos for use on my website and eBay.

REGI [Raptor Education Group, Inc.] 2017 Fundraising Calendar
I was commissioned to design and create the 2017 fundraising calendar for REGI (Raptor Education Group, Inc.) This is the finished product.

夜の光スキン [osu!]
This is a minimalist osu! skin which I have created to maximize the visibility of the cursor. It skins all game modes except for osu!catch. Currently there is only Japanese text version of all the UI images.

Zombies Perk-O-Cola Wallpapers
I have re-created the 4 original Perk-a-Cola icons from Nazi Zombies and made them into nice wallpapers resembling the look of each of their corresponding vending machines. Full 3840x2160 resolution versions of these wallpapers can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Clevo Logo Wallpapers
A set of Clevo branded wallpapers I've made with a texture replicating the speaker grill on a P150SM. There is one color to match each color of Clevo LED backlit keyboards.

Clevo P Series Styled WASD Wallpapers
Wallpapers modeled after the "WASD" keys on keyboards of Clevo P series notebooks, there is a wallpaper to match each keyboard back-light color.

Luna for iOS - Anemone / Winterboard Theme
Luna was designed to take the iOS 7 style and make it look like something that anyone would be proud to show off. The subtle gradients and carefully chosen color scheme give each icon a unified design that dramatically improves the look and feel of iOS 7-9.

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