2018.07.22 | Yuki Rea
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About [null]

[null] is a brand that I have established in 2014 to provide various services, information, and sell products under. While not at my full time job, I work on projects here in our small office.

About Me

My name is Yuki Rea, I am a technology enthusiast who likes to spend my free time tinkering, programming, modifying, creating, breaking and repairing things. To learn more about me, visit my profile by clicking my name. At this time, I take care of all site operations by myself, please keep this in mind when making a request.

My Workspace

This one room office houses two workstation computers, an electronics workstation, 3D printing and mechanical assembly station, and a printing and packaging station. I have a pair of Linux servers which host a variety of virtual machines for all of my network appliance needs. The workstations all run a Linux hypervisors and can boot multiple virtual machines at once using QEMU and VFIO PCIe device pass-through. This space is quite small for the many functions is has to provide but I find ways to make the best use of the space I have available.

Support Us

To protect your privacy and improve the experience of using the site, [null] features no advertisements or tracking scripts to help pay for operating costs and living expenses. Office space and hosting is payed for out-of-pocket. If you enjoy or find our content useful, consider purchasing one of our products/services or making a donation to help support us. You can use the following links to donate or visit our store.

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About This Site

I built this site from scratch with the text editor VIM in my free time while not working at my full time job. I wanted the site to have good performance even on older, low performance systems. This site uses no client-side scripting like JavaScript, all processing is done server-side using PHP so it runs well even on aging devices. The UI was inspired by classical desktop computer user interfaces, specifically taking design elements from GUI file managers such as Windows XP's "Explorer" and the open source application "Thunar". I believe screen space and time are precious resources and should not be wasted. There are no animations to waste your time, no adds which slow down performance, and a UI which is designed to work well on a wide range of display sizes. The greyscale color palette was chosen to put content first by not altering the viewer's perception of artwork caused by adjacent colors.


You can find articles featuring a variety of technology and design related content via The Archive or Articles page.


We offer services varying from custom computer systems design and assembly to graphic design and more. You can browse all currently available services by visiting the Services category in our store.


Original products are available via the Products section of our store. We also sell refurbished computer parts and electronics in the Hardware section from time to time so be sure to check periodically if interested.


This is a brand new website which we have built from the ground up. There are many features to add and problems yet to solve, below is a few prioritized tasks that are on our to-do list.

  1. Create dedicated email server instead of using Gmail
  2. Create and implement a search engine to make it easier to find content
  3. Port existing content to null-src
  4. Create and implement comment system
  5. Port existing comments to null-src
  6. Refactor PHP functions
  7. Clean up, consolidate, and reduce CSS size