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Located in Wausau, WI, we provide custom personal computer systems tailored to meet your exact needs. Parts will be chosen to maximize the performance and usability for your desired application while saving money by not overspending on unnecessary parts or gimmicks. Tell us your budget and what you want to use the computer for and we will build a system that best meets your individual requirements within that budget. Advice is offered along the way to help clients choose which components are right for them. All system builds are documented with photos so that you can see your new machine come to life in real time.

After you approve the price estimate and list of parts and services, you will be required to pay the full cost upfront excluding shipping. Once the first payment is received in full, we will begin ordering necessary parts and assembly. After the build is complete, we will send you a second invoice which includes any additional parts or labor decided upon after the first payment and the cost of shipping if not free.

Local pickup may be available depending on client's location.