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Adding AUX Input to Volvo 700/900 Series CR-814 Headunit
Installing an AUX input into Volvo 700 and 900 series CR-8xx headunits is very easy. This guide explains how to modify your OEM Volvo headunit to retain the stock look while still being able to listen to your own tunes.

Custom 3D Printed NetIO GC10 Geiger Counter Case
A look into my custom handheld case for the NetIO GC10 Geiger counter. This case is 3D printed featuring a removable handheld Geiger tube and an industrial looking design.

Adding AUX Input to Volvo SC-813 Headunit
A guide explaining how to inject audio into the fader IC of Volvo SC series headunits found in P80 platform vehicles. This mod provides lossless quality as it bypasses the tape deck audio circuit all together and is virtually free!

Custom 3D Printed Macro Keypad to Manage QEMU VMs
I made a custom keypad to control the QEMU virtual machines on my hypervisor workstation. This keypad uses the QMK keyboard firmware framework to allow re-programmability and advanced macro functionality.

Custom Digital Gauge Cluster Using a $35 x86 Single Board Computer [Atomic Pi]
An explanation of how I built a custom digital gauge display for my Subaru WRX using a touchscreen LCD, an Atomic Pi x86 single board computer, and my 3D printer.

Adding AUX Input to 02-04 Subaru Impreza WRX 6CD Changer [86201FE120]
2002-2004 Subaru Impreza WRX models that come equipped with the factory 6 disk CD changer have no auxiliary audio input. This article will show you how to add an auxiliary input to your Subaru radio with little to no cost while keeping all of the original functionality.

Panasonic RC-55 Clock Radio Tear-Down and 24-Hour Modification
The Panasonic RC-55 is a gorgeous retro futuristic clock radio from the early 1980s with a vacuum fluorescent display. I purchase a new-old-stock RC-55 and modify it to have 24 hour display mode and provide scans of the original documentation in addition to tear-down photos.

Examples of Poor Design, Engineering, and Implementation of Computer Systems and Their Components
I have encountered, worked on, and owned many computer systems including servers, laptops, desktops, and portables. This is a collection of the absolute worst systems I have ever had the displeasure to deal with.

最高タイプ [SaikouType] ST110r2 Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Project
The SaikouType NKBM-ST110r2 is an open source, Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard project which uses a programmable Atmel AT90USB1286 Micro-controller in the form of a Teensy++ 2.0 development board.

Razer Taipan Weight Reduction
Having a light mouse can make jumping from target to target with a mouse much easier. This article shows how to disassemble the Razer Taipan mouse and remove 18g of unnecessary weight.

Clevo P150SM Cooling/Hardware/Visual Mods [Build Log]
I sold my desktop setup and decided to upgrade my laptop. I installed 24 GB of RAM, an 8GB GTX 980M which is now overclocked to 1.44 GHz, 2x 1TB Samsung 840 EVO mSATA SSDs, and 2x Samsung 2.5inch 2TB HDD's.

Upgrading Clevo P150SM from GTX 770m to GTX 980m
Physically installing MXM cards is pretty straight forward, if you have ever installed laptop RAM and a CPU cooler this should be a walk in the park.

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