Producing High Quality Photos for Your Website or Online Store
Taking good product photos for your website or online store can actually be very easy. This is the process I use to take high quality photos for use on my website and eBay.

Custom 3D Printed NetIO GC10 Geiger Counter Case
A look into my custom handheld case for the NetIO GC10 Geiger counter. This case is 3D printed featuring a removable handheld Geiger tube and an industrial looking design.

Radioactive Antiques
This is a table containing uSv/hr and CPM readings of various antiques taken with my Geiger counter. Some glassware, electronics, clocks, and other antiques were made using materials such as uranium and radium for their interesting visual properties.

Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Design Cheat Sheet
A compilation of useful information and tidbits to help with designing Cherry MX keyboard PCBs and cases.

最高タイプ [SaikouType] ST110r2 Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Project
The SaikouType NKBM-ST110r2 is an open source, Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard project which uses a programmable Atmel AT90USB1286 Micro-controller in the form of a Teensy++ 2.0 development board.

QEMU Virtual Machine Optimization
There are many ways of fine tuning QEMU virtual machine performance. This monolithic article contains a variety of methods to optimize and improve VM performance for different types of applications. While this article is specific to Debian 9 and QEMU, it can easily be adapted to work for other Linux distributions and applications.

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