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QEMU Virtual Machine Optimization
There are many ways of fine tuning QEMU virtual machine performance. This monolithic article contains a variety of methods to optimize and improve VM performance for different types of applications. While this article is specific to Debian 9 and QEMU, it can easily be adapted to work for other Linux distributions and applications.

QEMU Virtual Machine PCIe Device Passthrough Using vfio-pci
When running a QEMU virtual machine (VM) on a Linux based operating system, we have the ability to dedicate PCIe devices to VMs using the vfio-pci kernel module so that the VM can control them directly.

Shion OS Thunar Add-ons
shion-os-thunar-add-ons is a package which adds extra functionality to context menus through Thunar's built in "Custom Actions" system.

Internet Downtime Logger
Internet Downtime Logger is a terminal application that accurately logs time spent without internet connectivity to a file with timestamps, it also adds up and logs the previous daily and monthly downtimes. Internet Downtime Logger includes email functionality enabling you get automated notifications and will even attach the log file.

Create and Manage a GPG Authenticated APT Repository
This tutorial demonstrates how to easily create and manage an APT repository which uses GPG authentication. This is Debian/Ubuntu specific but can be easily adapted for other Linux distributions.

Shion OS [Linux]
Shion OS is a project I have been working on to create a fast and beautiful Linux based operating system that excels at getting things done quickly and efficiently.

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