Yuki Rea


Hi, I am Yuki Rea, founder of [null]. I have built this site from the ground up entirely with the text editor VIM, a bash shell, and a little help from my partner Tobi Sakatoi. I am a technology enthusiast, Linux guru, and an artist. I regularly repair electronics and hack things together to make them do things they were never intended for. I enjoy learning new skills and am always trying my hand in new fields, recently I have been teaching myself electronics design and engineering starting with my programmable mechanical keyboard project called the 最高タイプ (SaikouType) ST110. I am also a freelance graphic designer who specializes in UI, logos, and branding. I used to develop UI skins for iOS when jail-breaking Apple products was more prevalent, one of my most popular themes was Luna for iOS. I dabbled in creating my own Linux distribution called Shion OS but have since abandoned maintaining the repository and producing updates due to lack of time. The last version I released was Shion OS 2 Beta 0.5.1 which was based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. A more sustainable approach I may take in the future is creating a set of packages to configure Debian and install the Shion OS UI and utilities.

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Front-End developer
Product design
Graphic design
Server administrator


UI and graphic design
Electronics repair and engineering
Learing new skills

Shadowrun, osu!, The Witcher, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor.


Bloc Party, BUMP OF CHICKEN, SEKAI NO OWARI, Death Cab For Cutie, Touhou