98-05 Lexus GS / Toyota Aristo High Angle Ball Joint Jig

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This is a 3D printable jig designed for creating modified ball joints for high steering angle in 98-05 Lexus GS and Toyota Aristo. This mod requires extended inner tie rods, 01-05 Lexus IS 300 tie rods can be used here. Some trimming of the inner and outer tie rod may be necessary if enough threads are not available to preform a proper alignment. I needed to trim 15mm off both the threaded portion of the inner and outer tie rods to make room for the jam nut. How much you will need to trim may depend on what brand inner and outer tie rods you use. In theory, no trimming would be needed with extended lower control arms. IS inner and outer tie rods will not work as this setup is too short. GS outer tie rods are required.

This comes as 2x STL files which can be 3D printed, one for right and left side respectively. Once the jig is printed, you just need to cut down your Delphi ball joints, place them in the jig, and tack weld them into place. Once they have been tack welded they can be taken out and welded all the way around. This jig is specifically designed for Delphi ball joints, other ball joints of the same style may also fit this jig but cannot be guaranteed.

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