Terms of Service

2018.10.26 | Yuki Rea
By using this website and/or any products and services offered by [null], you must agree to all of the following terms and conditions.


Forms must only be submitted for legitimate inquiries, submissions with spam or unsolicited offers will be ignored and your address may be flagged as spam by an administrator for automatic deletion. Submissions which contain phishing material or attempted exploits will also be automatically ignored and deleted.

Contacting Staff

You may contact a staff member for various reasons, for most occasions you should do this by submitting a contact request. This ensures that your contact request will be seen by a staff member. Should you want to contact a specific staff member, you can request to speak with a specific staff member via the contact form. Alternatively you may find each staff member's personal social media profiles and contact info (if made available) on the respective profile pages.


Ordering from our store is done through a "Custom Order" form or our "Buy Now" PayPal button, the same rules which all forms are subject to also apply to the store order form. In addition to these rules, you must only place an order though a store order form if you intend to purchase something. Do not use the form to contact staff for reasons unrelated to placing your order. We reserve the right to cancel order requests for any reason, some of which may include: unreasonable requests, inability to ship to buyer's location, high amount of orders.

Requesting Services

Services are generally offered through the Services category of the store and can be requested through the same order form as if ordering a product. Do not use forms to request services other than what is currently available. Should you wish to request another service that is not offered though the store, you may submit a contact request with an explanation of your request. We reserve the right to deny a service request for any reason.


Buyers outside of the continental United States should use the "Custom Order" form as opposed to "Buy Now" in order to allow for manually calculated shipping charges. Orders placed without selecting and paying for a shipping method will require paying a second shipping invoice before the order will be shipped. A member of our team will contact you with a link to the invoice.

Shipping is always payed by the buyer unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by a staff member. Orders will not be shipped until payment for the order and shipping have been received in full. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages, buyers should contact the shipping company to make a claim. If you believe your package has been lost or was damaged in shipping, you can still contact us and we may be able to help you resolve your issue. We reserve the right to decline shipping to your address for any reason, some of which may include: high risk of package getting lost or held in customs, high risk of package getting damaged in shipping, inability to ship to buyer's location.

Returns and Refunds

Returns are accepted on a case by case basis. Returns and refunds are generally only accepted when the item or service was not as described or dead on arrival. The buyer always pays return shipping. We may charge a restocking fee if the item returned is found not to be faulty. Returns are not accepted 14 days after package was received. For items shipped with no tracking, the return window is 30 days after the package is handed over to the shipping carrier. Refunds for services are usually declined unless the service has not been preformed yet. We reserve the right to deny returns and refunds for any reason.


Donations are non-refundable. We can not be expected to provide anything in return for donations.

Licensing, Copyright, and Content Usage

All content on null-src.com and posted by [null] staff for [null] is property of [null] and should not be shared, used, sold, and/or modified with out the permission of [null] unless otherwise stated in specific licenses for that material. Hot-linking [null] content and images is not permitted with out the permission of [null]. You can and will be asked to remove any unauthorized [null] content being distributed or hosted by entities other than [null]. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken against you. You may however post links to and quote [null] content. When quoting null content, you must include the text "[null]" along with the author and original URL in which said content was accessed.

Data Collection and Information Privacy

When visiting null-src.com your IP address, browser information, and what pages you have viewed will be logged. Any and all information sent through our forms or off-site communications with [null] and it's staff may also be archived on our servers. We will not share any of this information with third parties without permission unless required by law. You may contact us and request to have this information deleted from our servers. This information may remain for some time after a deletion request while we work on completing your request.

Any and all opinions and actions of [null] staff are solely their own and are not necessarily the opinions of [null] and null-src.com.

[null] and it's staff are not liable for the results of using information found on, or linked to from, null-src.com.

[null] and it's staff are also not liable for the results of using items, products, and services received from [null] and null-src.com.

We reserve the right to change any and all of the aforementioned information at any time with out warning.