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Graphic design services starting at $25 USD are provided on a contract / commission basis. This includes one basic design such as a logo or icon with one variation if required. A variation is the same core design with a different layout, color scheme, style, an additional element, etc. More variations can be requested for an additional cost. I can also offer UI design, web design, and design for physical media such as documents, cards, posters, etc. These services may cost more than the base price depending on the complexity. Below are a few examples of my work. This website is an example of my web design capabilities, I have built the CSS and the back-end from scratch. This site has no user side scripting which would allow for more complexity and features, it was a goal of mine not to use JavaScript in order to maintain usability with older devices.

While my starting price is $25, I reserve the right to increase the starting price based on complexity of the design and how many hours it will take to complete. Corporate customers may receive an increased starting price.

Local collaboration may be possible depending on client location and my availability.