Luna for iOS - Anemone / Winterboard Theme

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This is Luna for iOS, Luna was designed to take the iOS 7 style and make it look like something that anyone would be proud to show off. The subtle gradients and carefully chosen color scheme give each icon a unified design that dramatically improves the look and feel of iOS 7-9, no more radically inconsistent looking icons that cause the chaotic look of stock iOS 7-9. Luna has custom icons for over 120 popular applications!

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a one time download link to a DRM free copy of Luna for iOS. This will include a 56MB zip file containing the icon theme itself and 2 shadow themes, a soft and sharp variant. Installation can be completed by extracting the file and placing the extracted folders into your theme manager's theme directory.

Current Version = v1.5

This theme is no longer for sale on the Cydia store via Macciti and will not receive updates. Please note that with newer versions of iOS you may have to swap a few file names/directories of icons and bundles around to maintain compatibility.

Device and iOS Version Support

For use with Winterboard, Anemone, and Iconomatic.
Device Support: iPhone (4/4S) (5/5C/5S) (6/6S/6+/6S+) & iPod Touch (5) (6)
iOS Version Support: 7 - 9

Recommended Tweaks to use with Luna

Luna can be used on its own but for the full experience I recommend using IconOmatic with the included Luna IconOmatic theme to apply the shadows and folder icon background. BytaFont2 (or BytaFont3 for iOS 9) is a tweak used to change your system font, I recommend using the 'Ubuntu Light' font which is being used in the screenshots above.

Fonts Used in Luna

The 'Ubuntu Light' font goes very well with Luna and is the font I use in testing and in some of my screenshots. The 'Ubuntu' fonts are available as system fonts which can be installed through Cydia applied using BytaFont2.


Activator not themed:

Use iFile or SSH to remove the SBIconClass Line inside the Info.plist file located at /Applications/Activator.App

No Dock:

If you are using "Dock Shift" please toggle it on and off each time you respring to re-apply the dock

Folders not themed:

If you are using Winterboard you need to use one of the Included Iconomatic themes with Iconomatic to apply the folder backgrounds. Also you must not have "reduce transparency" setting enabled in accessibility options.