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最高タイプ [SaikouType] NKBM-ST110r2.1 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Located in Wausau, WI
$150+ USD + shipping
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The SaikouType NKBM-ST110r2 is an open source, Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard project which uses a programmable Atmel AT90USB1286 Micro-controller in the form of a Teensy++ 2.0 development board. The goal of this project is to create a programmable keyboard that has advanced functionality without the need for a driver to make features work. Having a 100% through-hole design means that even soldering novices should be able to assemble their own keyboard without difficulty. This keyboard was designed to reduce the total amount of components that one would need to source in order to complete assembly of a full keyboard. The NKBM-ST110r2 PCB fits existing Filco and other Costar case designs. Some supported cases include the Majestouch Convertible 2 with it's battery compartment and Rosewill RK9000. The ST110r2 has a universal layout so one PCB supports a wide range of standard and custom layouts. The ST110r2 can be programmed from scratch, with TMK firmware, or with QMK firmware.

This listing is for a custom built full keyboard using the [null] SaikouType NKBM-ST110r2.1 PCB. The buyer can work with us to customize nearly every aspect of the keyboard to their liking. This includes the case, layout, keycaps, switch type, led color, and more. We can even import Filco models from Japan which are not available inside the US.

DISCLAIMER: Customer takes full responsibility for any damage that may be caused from improper installation and/or lack of electronics knowledge. While an example firmware comes installed and it's source code is available, the firmware is not part of this product and does not come with software support. The customer assumes responsibility for programming and configuring the keyboard firmware. PCB may contain leaded solder.


PCB Revision: 2.1 (2018.05.08)

Supported Cases:

・ Filco Majestouch
・ Filco Majestouch 2
・ Filco Majestouch Convertible 2
・ Rosewill RK9000
・ Rosewill RK9000 v2
・ Ducky Shine 1 (Requires cutting mounting plate above keypad)
・ Ducky Shine 2 (Requires cutting mounting plate above keypad)
- May also support other cases
- Note that some cases require slight modification, usually removing stand-offs

Supported Layouts:


Firmware Support:

TMK Keyboard
QMK Firmware - fork of tmk_keyboard (example firmware available here)
null Keyboard - fork of tmk_keyboard (deprecated)


・ Free and open source, designed using free software, GPL v2.0 license
・ Supports Filco Majestouch and Filco clone cases
・ Removable cable when using Majestouch Convertible 2 or Rosewill cases
・ Individually programmable LED indicators under key-caps
・ Animations support for LED indicators
・ Through-hole design for easy assembly
・ Programmable Atmel AVR AT90USB1286 MCU
・ On-the-fly macro recording when using QMK Firmware
・ Universal layout, one PCB for all layouts
・ Expansion headers for mods and expansion modules
・ Bluetooth expansion module in prototype stage


ST110r2 Base Firmware [qmk_firmware]
ST110r2 Hardware Schematic
ST110r2 KiCad PCB Project