null2000 - Modern foobar2000 Mobile Skin

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null2000 is a modernized skin for the foobar2000 Mobile music player which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It features a minimalist design that makes your music's album art the primary focus of the interface, utilizing the entire width of the screen to display it. This skin currently comes with 4 versions including dark and light modes. This skin comes as a zip archive, simply extract it and install by placing the skin files in foobar2000's app directory on your device and select the skin from within the app.

Included Files:

null2000 - dark mode, green progress bar, white buttons
null2000 rainbow - dark mode, rainbow progress bar and buttons
null2000 rainbow-bar - dark mode, rainbow progress bar, white buttons
null2000 light - light mode, magenta progress bar, grey buttons

Supported Aspect Ratios:


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